I have land, how do I go about hosting hunts?

Easy, just select the "List Property" Tab in the upper left corner of the home page, and you will be on your way to creating money with idle property and helping the world better enjoy the outdoors. Simply create a profile and use the "My property" Tab to begin uploading information and hosting your property.

I am interested in hunting, what do I need to do in order to pursue game animals on the properties?

A couple of things need to be squared away before you can call yourself a legal hunter. First, you must hold a valid hunter education certificate showing that you have passed qualified hunter education course. You will also need to purchase a hunting license which will provide you a personal identification number that Hunt Butler needs before allowing you to book a hunt. Finally, you are responsible for purchasing the necessary tag for the game you are pursuing. Please visit http://dnr.wi.gov/ to learn more about the necessary items that must be secured prior to venturing afield.

What type of protection does Hunt Butler provide for users of the service?

First, we must define the "user". Users are both Hunter's and Landowners, and each of these parties is afforded different protections from our service. Landowners are covered by the Wisconsin Recreational Use Statute that limits their liability so long as they have under $2,000 of revenue generated from their property. If a landowner will surpass the $2,000 limit, they are no longer covered by the Wisconsin Recreational Use Statute, but Hunt Butler will place the applicable property under an insurance policy for minimum charge taken from the price of the next hunt booked through the service. If a landowner would like to avoid the insurance charge, they can upload an insurance policy of their own proving that the landowner has adequate coverage for any unfortunate circumstances that take place on the property.

On top of the insurance, every hunter that books a hunt must sign an indemnification policy as well as a lease agreement to ensure that both parties have a crystal clear understanding of the terms associated with the agreement between both parties.

Hunter's – Hunt Butler does not provide insurance coverage to each individual hunter. The hunter is responsible for carrying essential minimum coverage and to exercise due care as well as adhere to guidelines set forth by the Department of Natural Resources regarding safety.