Hunt Butler was created to help hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts better connect with nature. Hunt Butler offers a dynamic, informative, user-friendly, and secure services where hunters and landowners can connect to facilitate "microleases". We bridge the gap that allows landowners to grant trust to individuals who would like to use idle parcels of property. We are hunters / outdoorsmen ourselves, and we believe that everyone needs a little help claiming their own patch of wilderness.
We are Hunt Butler – Claim Your Territory.

Who We Are

Hunt Butler was founded by a group of hunter’s. Each of our founders has been hunting and living the outdoor way of life since the time they could walk. Our CEO, Derric Francis, has been a lifetime hunter and spends his free time pursuing his Whitetail passion or chasing black bears in the northern woods of Wisconsin. Sam Lepak, Hunt Butler’s Chief Marketing Officer, grew up hunting and absolutely is thrilled whenever he has the opportunity to talk with fellow hunters or anyone else that has an outdoor story to share. We also have a team of rockstar programmers who do their best to ensure that every user enjoys their time using our service. We have a current student at UW- Platteville helping to build out our platform. Evan works in collaboration with Hem Naidu who was a past Senior Software Architect for Best Buy who develops and manages all of the extensive technological infrastructure that allows you to find the perfect piece of property for your outdoor adventure.

What We Have Done

We have been working on the Hunt Butler idea for a little over a year now. The first intentional actions took place in Sweden during a business development program where the Hunt Butler team took 2nd place and received the first notion that people need to become reconnected with our environment all across the globe. Subsequent to the Swedish success, we then gained further traction by winning 1st place at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater’s Elevator Pitch Competition before heading down to Orlando, Florida where Hunt Butler took 3rd place at the National Elevator Pitch Competition. Our success at these venues gave the team enough confidence to start putting the plan into action and we are now making strides and are bringing outdoorsmen and landowners together day in and day out.

What You Can Do To Help

Currently, we are still in the Start-up phases. Please let us know how we can improve and tell all of your friends about our story. We will continue to do our part, and we just hope that you come along for the ride and help us bring the outdoor and hunting lifestyle to mainstream culture. If you love what we are doing, or you have some feedback about how to improve, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Support@huntbutler.com. Thank you.